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School Fees

In accordance with CECWA policy, St Joseph’s School endeavours to make available the opportunity for a Catholic education to all Catholic students whose parents seek a Catholic education for them, insofar as is possible, embodying the Church’s special preference for the poor and disadvantaged. It is in Christian faith that we seek justice for all members of our community by being fair in our expectations of parents/guardians to support financially the needs of the school community. We do this by actively pursuing the collection of school fees where parents have the capacity to pay.

Below is the list of our school fees for 2014.

School Fees 2014 Year

The practice of justice and charity requires that requests for fee variations be treated with dignity, compassion and confidentiality and the inability to pay school fees shall never be the reason for the non-enrolment or exclusion of any Catholic child from St Joseph’s.


  • Annual fees and charges, including maximum increases shall be set each year by the School Board, in accordance with CECWA policy.
  • Discounts will be given for the second and third child in accordance with CEO guidelines
  • Discounts will be given for holders of Family HCC or Parenting Payment Single (PPS) Pensioner Concession Cards in accordance with CEO policy.
  • Concessions will be negotiated with the Principal for families in need.
  • On application for enrolment, parents/guardians are provided with the school’s fee schedule. Accounts include:
    – Tuition Fees
    – Building Levy
    – Amenities Fee
    – Insurance Technology levy
  • The School Fees Setting and Collection Policy is explained and parents/guardians are reminded of their commitment to pay school fees.
  • Each term, School fee accounts are distributed, through the eldest child, to parents/guardians by the end of Week 2.
  • Parents who pay the annual amount by 28th Feb. will receive a 5% discount ( on tuition fees only)
  • Fees may be paid by any of the following methods
    – Annually
    – By the term
    – By direct debit
    – By special arrangement with the Principal
  • Payment is required by the end of week five. A reminder is issued in week six of term. If no response is made a letter from the Principal is sent in week eight. Should there be no response an appointment will made for the parents/guardians to meet with the Principal.
  • Each terms’ accounts include any outstanding amounts.
  • Where there has been no response to all reasonable attempts to negotiate a fee repayment strategy, further action is required and parents/guardians will be notified of this.
  • Documentation shall be kept on each attempt to resolve the problems of outstanding fees.
  • Parents/guardians are notified that the services of a debt collection agency will be engaged to recover outstanding fees. Confidentiality of all information pertaining to parents/guardians and the payment of school fees is guaranteed