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Enrolment Policy



St Joseph’s School embraces the Catholic Education Commission (WA) Policy on student enrolment which states Catholic Schools exist to further the mission of the Church. In Western Australia, the Mandate of the Bishops requires the Catholic Education Commission of Western Australia to make Catholic school education available to all Catholic children, insofar as this is possible.

  1. Saint Joseph’s School exists to provide a distinctively Catholic education for children enrolled.
  2. Saint Joseph’s school recognizes the uniqueness of each student. 3. St Joseph’s school has a preferential option for the poor and marginalised.
  3. St Joseph’s school fulfils its mission in partnership with parents who are the first educators of their children.
  4. St Joseph’s school has a responsibility to fulfil the requirements of relevant Federal, State and Local Government laws and regulations.
  5. St Joseph’s school accepts all applications for enrolment.
  6. The acceptance of an application form does not guarantee an enrolment interview or offer of enrolment.
  7. Enrolment in St Joseph’s school will only be offered where the school has age appropriate accommodation and the requisite resources to respond to any specific needs of the student. 9. Enrolment in St Joseph’s school does not guarantee enrolment in any other Catholic school.
  1. Places are offered in the following priority order:
    a) Catholic students from the Parish with a Parish Priest reference
    b) Catholic students from outside the Parish with a Parish Priest reference
    c) Other Catholic students
    d) Siblings of non-Catholic students
    e) Non-Catholic students from other Christian denominations
    f) Other Non-Catholic students.
  2. Before an offer of a place is made parent(s)/guardian(s) shall be interviewed by the Principal. Prospective students shall be interviewed where appropriate.
  3. Enrolments must comply with Government entry age requirements.
  4. At the enrolment interview information is exchanged so that parent(s)/guardian(s) are made aware of the various programmes offered by the school as well as being directed to various policies of the school.
  5. A copy of the child’s Baptismal Certificate, Birth Certificate and Immunisation details are required at the enrolment interview. Where possible copies of the child’s recent school report.
  6. Reports are to be made available to the school.
  7. Interviews for Kindergarten will normally be held in Term Three. Families will be contacted to arrange an interview time.
  8. The School Fee Policy shall be explained to parent(s)/guardian(s) at the enrolment interview.
  9. Before offering enrolment in St Joseph’s school it is important that the financial and non financial capacity of the school to respond to specific educational needs of all its students is determined. Therefore:
    a) The Principal shall ascertain whether the student has any special educational needs which will require differential resourcing if schooling is to achieve educational outcomes appropriate to the student’s learning needs.
    b) Where the student has a disabling condition, disorder or significant health care needs, the Principal shall consult with the Special Learning Needs Team at the Catholic Education Office to ensure that the school has the resource capacity to make adequate provision for the student’s specific educational needs.
    c) The Principal may make contact with the student’s former school principal or teacher/s to ascertain whether there is any further information required in order to make a decision whether an appropriate educational programme can be provided by St Joseph’s From time to time the Principal, in consultation with other agencies e.g. DCD, DSC and/or key staff of the outgoing school, may determine that a transfer may not be in the best interests of the child.
    d) If the Principal determines that the school, after appropriate consultation as in 7a, 7b and 7c above, does not have the financial and non financial resources to respond to the student’s educational needs then the parent(s) or guardian(s) may be referred to one of the Special Education Centres located in certain Catholic schools.
  10. Enrolment may take place at any year level, K–7. A parent of a Kindergarten student may defer the taking up of an offer of enrolment until the commencement of Pre-primary.
  11. If a parent or guardian has knowingly withheld information relevant to the application/enrolment process then the Principal reserves the right to refuse or terminate enrolment on that ground.
  12. Parent(s) or guardian(s) are to:
    a) disclose any special needs of the prospective student,
    b) disclose any particular medical condition and/or health care requirements of the prospective student;
    c) provide a copy of any Parenting or Restraint Order that applies to the prospective student; and
    d) fully complete the application and enrolment form.
  13. The Catholic/Non-Catholic “Enrolment Percentage Parameters” approved by the Bishops of Western Australia is to be referred to when enrolling students.