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Crunch & Sip

Crunch & Sip break is a set break for students to eat fruit or salad vegetables and drink water in the classroom. St Joseph’s School has introduced Crunch & Sip to support students to establish healthy eating habits whilst at school.


All students and teachers at St Joseph’s School enjoy a Crunch & Sip break and eat fruit or vegetables and drink water in the classroom every day.


The objectives of the Crunch & Sip break are to:

  • Increase awareness of the importance of eating fruit and vegetables and drinking water every day.
  • Enable students and staff to eat fruit or vegetables during an allocated Crunch & Sip break in the school day.
  • Encourage students and staff to drink water throughout the day in the classroom, during break times and at sport, excursions and camps.
  • Encourage parents to provide students with fruit or vegetables every day.
  • Develop strategies to help students who don’t have regular access to fruit and vegetables.

People Involved In Crunch & Sip Development and Review:

At St Joseph’s School the following people were instrumental in drawing up the Crunch & Sip Policy and will be involved in reviewing it – Principal, Staff Members, P&F Representative

Implementing Crunch & Sip:

In the classroom:

Teachers will:

  • Set a Crunch & Sip time each day
  • Encourage students daily to eat a piece of fruit or vegetable during the designated Crunch & Sip break
  • Encourage students to drink a bottle of water in the classroom throughout the day

Students will:

  • Wash their hands prior to Crunch & Sip break
  • Bring fruit or vegetables to school each day to eat at the break
  • Wash their water bottle and fill it with water daily, as directed by their teacher

The school community will:

  • Find ways to provide fruit or vegetables for students who do not have access to them.

Disseminating Information to Parents and Staff:

The St Joseph’s School community will be made aware of Crunch & Sip by including details:

  • In the parent handbook
  • Distribution of the school policy
  • During student enrolment
  • In reminders several times a year for parents and staff through Memos, School Newsletters, Guest Speakers

St Joseph’s School incorporates nutrition into the Health & Physical Education learning area to raise students’ awareness of the importance of good nutrition and adequate hydration during childhood and adolescence.


It is important to check the progress of Crunch & Sip in our school. We will:

  • Review Crunch 7 Sip annually with recommendations for improvements made if necessary.
  • Formally review the Crunch & Sip policy every two to three years.
  • Present any changes to the policy to the school community.
  • Regularly evaluate and update the nutrition component of our curriculum.

Fruit or Vegetables and Water Guidelines;

  • All fresh fruit is permitted ( eg whole fruits, chopped melon)
  • Fruit canned with artificial added is not permitted. (Artificial sweeteners are not recommended for children)
  • Dried fruit is permitted, although fresh fruit and vegetables should be the first choice because dried fruit contains high concentration of natural sugar and it tends to cling to teeth, increasing the risk of tooth decay ( eg sultanas)
  • All fresh vegetables are permitted ( eg celery, carrot sticks, broccoli pieces etc)
  • Only plain water is to be consumed in the classroom
Foods not permitted at the designated Crunch & Sip break
  • All other foods (see permitted food and drink at the designated Crunch & Sip break)
  • All other drinks
    – waters with added vitamins, minerals or carbonates
    – fruit juice or fruit juice drinks
    – fruit cordial or mineral waters
    – vegetable juices

Creating A Supportive Environment;

St Joseph’s School has created an environment to support the establishment of healthy eating habits for students and staff. Specifically eating more fruit and vegetables and increasing water intake at the following times;

Physical Education and Sport

All students will be encouraged to drink water from a water bottle during physical education and sport classes

Camps and Excursions

All students will be required to bring an individual water bottle for all excursions and camps